Program Overview

The journey to life transformation can at times come with fear, frustration and doubt. It requires you to have a strong emotional connection to your purpose for change and to set clear and considered goals that drive you and keep you accountable, especially on the toughest of days.

The same can be said for the journey to transforming your body. In this flagship program, we will work one on one to help you find the emotionally charged reasons you need to transform your body. We will create and execute a customised and integrated mindset, exercise and nutrition strategy as well as clear action plans to make it happen.

I will simultaneously guide you through the process using personalised motivation and accountability strategies and techniques, helping you transform your body into the one you were born to have.

Additionally, you will have the added support of a community on a similar transformational journey as you.

William Demas Transformation Program
Strong ripped man training bicepses in gym

What makes this program different?

My own transformational journey has shown me that having a purpose is the single most important element when aiming for lasting change. All other aspects of the journey flow on from it.

This program will help you uncover your purpose for transforming your physique and set specific and measurable goals to realise it. Customised exercise plans and nutritional guidance tailored to achieving your goals will be delivered, while considering factors such as your fitness levels, dietary requirements and lifestyle.

My program is packed with personalised strategies, techniques and tools designed to track and refine your progress, holding you accountable and driving you forward, along with my unwavering support and that of our community.

In recent years, with the help of others, I have overcome my own life and health adversities using my customised approach with mindset at its forefront. I am now on a deeply personal mission to share my learnings with you and help you on your transformational journey to health and wellness – that you will be truly proud of.

Who is this program for?

For those who are:

  • Tired of being average and ready to transform their mind and body into the versions they were born to have
  • Committed to the process of transformation within and doing whatever it takes to make it happen
  • Willing to shed old habits and replace them with new ones ensuring sustainable and lasting change to their health and wellness
  • Keen to learn the tools, techniques and strategies needed on their journey to a healthy transformation

For those who can:

  • Accept that new habits and sustainable healthy living do not form overnight
  • Commit to expending time, energy and money to reach their goals
  • Trust that taking repeated and consistent action in the face of fear and adversity are the keys to a healthy transformation

Program Features

Customised training plans

Customised motivational strategies
and tools

Unlimited phone and online support

Monthly appraisals

Customised nutrition guidance

Accountability tracking

Weekly weigh ins

Added mindset, exercise and
nutrition tips via VIP Facebook page

Program Benefits